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Mike S

Getting into the trucking business, “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.” Mike started trucking when he was 17 years old. His favorite part about trucking is getting paid to see the country. According to Mike, there are so many routes that are his favorite, but the one route that gave him the most joy was to take Hwy 54 down to Dodge City, Kansas. Then, to Texoma, Texas. And through Santa Rosa, New Mexico and through Alamogordo, New Mexico to end up in El Paso, Texas. In Mike’s free time he likes to ride his motorcycle and spend time with his kids. His favorite movie is Smokey and the Bandit. His quote that he lives by from the movie is, “For the money, for the glory, and for the fun… mostly for the money.” – Bandit, ‘Smokey And The Bandit’. His favorite TV show would include ‘Yellowstone’. His go to food is beef fried rice. Before he got into the trucking business, his first job was working as a gas station attendant. If Mike could give advice to a trucker, or to anyone starting in the industry his advice would be, “Keep an open mind and listen to the old guys. Never stop learning.” Mike’s dream truck would be the company truck he’s in now, but with a Detroit engine and a studio sleeper. Mike’s story on how he learned to drive truck, “I joined the army and they taught me how to drive truck. Then when I was done I had a friend that owned a truck and he paid for the truck rental to go take the test in the cities. After I passed, we took one trip to Florida. After that he gave me the keys and logbook and told me to figure it out. After that it was just trial and error. And here we are 20 some years later.” 

Notes on the company according to Mike: Great place to work and feel at home.

Words from the Boss: Mike has always been one of those drivers that have always looked out for the company’s best interest. Whether it is helping a new driver, or helping another driver fix something that has broke on the road to try and get them home safely. Mike is always there to help. Never much of a complainer, just gets the job done. 


.Jack the jokester. Can’t get a serious line out of him. Jack is a freight relocator or a trucker whichever way you guys prefer to say it. Jack wanted to get into the trucking business because his brother in law was a trucker and he thought that it would be cool to drive truck. He was 17 years old when he first started to drive truck. Now back then it was called a chauffeur’s license. Jack’s favorite part about trucking is coming in and BS(ing) with the employee’s at the shop. Along with that he likes to go and see the world. He doesn’t have a favorite route, but he likes any road that are through the mountains. In his free time he likes to ride his motorcycle. With that, he enjoys working on old cars and trucks. And lastly, irritate his wife. When Jack is not trucking and busy working on things in his spare time he likes to watch movies. Some of Jack’s favorite movies would include, “Jeremiah Johnson” and “Secondhand Lions.” Jack is a definite movie lover! Otherwise his favorite TV show would be, “Breaking Bad.” Jack’s favorite line from the movie, “Jeremiah Johnson”, is “Ain’t this something? I told my pap and mam I was coming to the mountains to trap and be a mountain man. Acted like they was gut-shot. Says: ‘Son, make your life. Go here. Here’s where the peoples is. Them mountains is for animals and savages.’ I says ‘Mother Gue, the Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world.’ And by God I was right.” Every morning Jack drinks a can of monster drink. Jack likes to eat Lays potato chips because nobody has eaten just one. Jack also enjoys chicken and a Klondike ice cream sandwiches for his “sweet tooth.” His first job was being the paperboy and cleaning horse sh*t out of the stables. Jack also used to be a chef at a restaurant out in Denver, CO. He would cook steak, seafood, and many more delicious foods when he was the chef at “The Loading Dock.” Jack’s greatest fear is living too long, but also drowning and being burned with fire. Jack’s advice to starting drivers and current drivers is, “Good Luck!” Another piece of advice from Jack is to, “Go with a small Ma and Pop company.”

Words from the boss: Jack is one of those drivers that any owner would love to have work for them. He has owned his own trucking company in the past, so he understands the money side of things and he also understands things as a whole on company operations. Jack has been a great asset to the company over the years. He is also very pleasant to be around. Jack is definitely what an owner wants in someone, which is a representation of our business to our freight customers.

Words from Jack about the business: Great place to work and great people to work for! 

Next up Mike S the photographer. To remind us to stop and take a picture to let others see the beautiful sights truckers see.


From the Movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’ one of Bruce’s favorite quote’s, “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!” A hobby of Bruce’s is watching cartoons especially ‘Looney Tunes’. When Bruce isn’t watching that, he is watching ‘Seinfeld’. Bruce doesn’t have a favorite food, but he does enjoy any type of food. Bruce’s first job was helping with farm work. He was about 20-25 years old when he drove a truck for the first time. If Bruce could get rid of something it would be the E-log without a second thought (haha). He doesn’t have a favorite route, but doesn’t mind the change of scenery every once in a while. He likes when he can drop and hook, come and go as he pleases and have everything go smoothly. There were too many reasons for Bruce to get into the trucking industry, so that’s why he became a trucker.

Words from the Boss: Bruce has always been that driver you can call at any time of the day and he will help out if he can. Bruce has helped the company when we get into a pinch with a problem or situation that arises. Bruce definitely likes to keep the workplace lively. Bruce is a great guy to have around with his positive attitude.

Words from Bruce about the Business: I’m just the main problem, not the company (haha).


In Steve’s opinion he thinks that people should be thinking about saving bitcoin because it is at the apex, and is taking place of the asset of the human race, for long term saving. Steve got into the trucking industry because when he was little he always enjoyed hopping into the truck and making them short jaunts or even hauling from the fields, up to the silo. He was a teenager when he first started to drive the farm truck. His first job was being a diesel mechanic/farm worker. The best thing that Steve likes most about trucking is the freedom, choose your own routes and the paycheck. When trucking, his most preferred route is to take the backroads from Sioux City , Iowa to North Platte, Nebraska. When Steve has free time he likes to do research and data analysis on the stock market and crypto market. A fear of Steve’s is the country could degenerate into tyranny. When Steve has free time he likes to watch star wars or marvel movies on the TV. “I am your father” by Dark Vader is his favorite quote from the movie ‘Star Wars’ . And last, but certainly not least Steve enjoys any food that includes beef in it.

Words from the Boss: Steve started with us quite a few years ago as a full-time driver. Since then, he has moved to part-time where he runs 1 round to Colorado and back once a week. Steve definitely likes his schedule that he is on. As in any driver, you want them to be always on time and never be in an accident of their own doings. Steve is that driver.

Employee Notes about the Company: I like the business plan from here to Denver, CO. I also like the set schedule.

Mike B and Gary

Personally interviewed Gary (Mike’s dog). I learned something today. Every time Mike yells, “GAAAAAAARY, you dumb dog. Get in the truck.” Gary never goes to the truck. Want to know a little secret? Gary told me that he does it just to piss Mike off. Now let’s hear about the real truck driver, Mike. Mike started in the trucking industry because everyone was hiring at the time and it is that way now, even for us. He started trucking when he was 36 years old. The reason he wanted to get into the trucking industry is because of the lifestyle and the money. His favorite route to take is the route that he is currently doing which is from Rice, MN – Denver, CO. When Mike has free time he likes to go and visit his grandson (Benjamin). Mike’s favorite movies are “Tremors” because it’s dumb, but yet so funny. He also enjoys watching the TV show “Ridiculousness.” Mike likes to eat Mexican food. His all-time-favorite dessert is apple pie that is warmed with whipped cream as a topping. Back in the day as Mike’s first job he trimmed trees. Mike said, “As long as I can work, I’m happy.” Mike’s word of advice to a trucker is, “If you don’t like living out on a road all the time you won’t make it. You have gotta love it.”

Words from the boss: Mike B and Gary have worked for us for some time now. One thing about Mike, he has never changed. He always comes in the office every chance he gets and gives everyone grief. Mike definitely keeps it real. Mike is one of the truckers that have actually been there/done that. He continually tells me how good he thinks our drivers have it here and that means a lot coming from a driver as experienced as Mike. One more thing about Mike. If you are near our shop and hear Mike B screaming, “GAAAAARY!!!!!!”, it’s ok, it’s his dog that purposely loves to not listen to Mike.

Gary: Woof! I’m Gary and I’m known to piss my owner off. Woof Hehe! *Tail Wags* Keep an eye out for me because you may never know where I may be hiding from Mike. 

P.S. Gary said the last post I was hiding between the “ER” on the Schroepfer Inc sign.

Keep staying in tuned! Next up is Steve B.


Cory’s favorite route is driving through the middle of nowhere, where there is no traffic. Cory started his first job working at a gas station. Later in life Cory started working for us in the shop located in Comfrey, MN. The Boss wanted Cory to get a CDL, so once he got that, he became a truck driver and started driving for us. He was 27 years old when he had first driven a truck. Cory believes that one of the best parts about trucking is that you are on your own and you have freedom. When Cory is not trucking he is probably playing video games or working on his vehicles. Cory enjoys comic movies like Marvel and DC movies themselves. His favorite foods would include chicken shawarma or Mexican foods. If Cory could give a starting trucker advice or a trucker in general it would be, “Find a company that fits your Lifestyle.”

Words from the Boss: Cory fits our company very well. Beings Cory started with us in the shop, he has mechanical skills as well. This comes in very handy as he has fixed his own truck or has even stopped and helped a fellow trucker on the road. Cory is one of those employees that every owner wants to have. He is always willing to help out when needed. 

Note from the Driver: I have always tried to be there for the company, and in return the company has been there for me. Like in the winter of 2018 I was very ill and the company was there to help me out. 

Get your dog treats ready because Mike and his co-driver Gary, his dog, are next on the list.


“I enjoy trucking”, says John. Almost 9 years and counting with trucking for us and he continues to have a love for it. He was 17 years old when he first drove a truck and has been hooked since. John said when he was younger he enjoyed trucks, and he always will enjoy them. The best part of trucking for John is the fact that he is by himself and not cooped up in a factory, which is not for me, says John. John’s favorite route is to go to Sioux City, IA then take US 20 West to Nebraska 9, South to Nebraska 35, next to Nebraska 15 to Wayne. Take 15 South to US 30 to Grand Island to Interstate 80 West. Then Interstate 76 will take you into Colorado. When John has spare time he likes to ride 4-wheeler. He likes to watch the TV show “Gunsmoke” when he gets the chance. John has many favorite foods, but the thanksgiving meal wins him over with all the trimmings. If John could give a trucker advice it would be to, “Be patient with the other drivers.”

Words from the boss: John has worked for us for quite some time. In that time, I have found that farming is very important to John and he loves the routine that we have to offer from Minnesota to Colorado, John definitely likes a schedule. John also takes pride in his job driving truck. He is cautious, which his accident-free record shows that.

Let’s keep trucking! Cory is next up!